Spirit LED Manufacturing

LED Customization and Specialty LED

Spirit LED ManufacturingSpirit LED has a focus on the LED: The LED component that is selected for any applications or high performance products will always use World-Class LEDs.

Spirit LED manufactures LED display lights, LED Edge Lit low profile signage, LED panel lights, Large LED backlit signs for advertising, LED Linear cove lights, as well as LED down lights. Although our LED lighting lasts 5-25 years, depending on the requirements and carry and lengthy warranty – one very important aspect of our system is that we manufacture LED lighting for ease of replacement and maintenance.

Spirit LED ManufacturingWe stand behind our long-term partnerships with the world’s leading LED manufacturers. Our close relationship allows us to plan for the future. As the efficiency increases in a very fast advancing industry, so do our products. High Quality always starts with Engineered Products. As the technology evolves, we ensure our designs are set up to be reverse compatible with what is being introduced as the futures latest and greatest. This process eliminates the idea of product obsolescence in long terms programs.

With our primary focus being on quality and efficiency, we engineer our products in-house to the last detail, including our LED printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic drivers, software, mechanical housings, and custom optical designs. Starting with great LEDs is important. Spirit LED achieves this by focusing on the following factors:

  • Reliability & TestingUse only the highest quality, LM-80 tested LEDs available today.
  • LEDs placed in-house using high speed automation, providing us full control over quality and schedule.
  • White LEDs color binned to ANSI standards and in many cases are sub-binned to 1/4 and 1/16 ANSI color bins.
  • Products labeled with its exact color bin code allowing consistent color matching with reorder.
  • Onboard drivers deliver constant current to our LEDs at a de-rated level in order to ensure proper regulation and maximize lifetime.

However how LEDs are managed in a system, taking thermal management serious, really makes for a perfectly engineered long lasting LED system.

Reliability & TestingOur approach to LED lighting is unlike that found in traditional lighting companies. What distinguishes us in the

LED industry is that we design and manufacture our LED circuit boards, controllers, and luminaries under one roof. Our unique advantages are:

  • Engineered solutions designed for highest performance and quality. Products are a system and function right out of the box.
  • Rigorous product testing & qualification.
  • Reliability is paramount. Building our own LED boards allows total control over quality, schedule, and prevents surprise obsolescence.
  • We have absolute control over our process, schedule and of course LED binning – allowing us to ensure perfect color consistency.
  • New Products are reverse compatible with legacy systems so that we support our customers for the life of the product. As the technology advances we seamlessly upgrade our customers product line

Spirit LED products go through a rigorous in house and third party product test and qualification utilizing:

  • Reliability & Testing100% Functional & Leak Test
  • 24 Hour Burn-In
  • Long Term Reliability Testing
  • Accelerated Life Testing

Reliability of our products is what creates the Spirit LED brand. With control over our manufacturing and testing, we can ensure we will deliver a quality, lasting product.