LED Light Box Signage – Back Lighting

Spirit LED offers two options for our LED Light Box Signage Back Lighting.  The Flex Sheet option and the Apex170 option are both intended for back lighting applications – the main differences are the following:

Flex Sheet:

  • Flex sheet offers flexibility in size and shape (can be cut to unique shapes and contours, as small as 1″ x 1″)
  • Flex sheet can be used in applications as thin as about 1.5″ (distance from LEDs to graphic)
  • Flex sheets output is 12.5W per sq ft  or 1100 lumens per sq ft.


  • Apex170 are pre-built as 2′ x 4′ lattice assemblies for easy installation in larger light boxes
  • Apex170’s are used in applications as thin as about 2.25″ (distance from LEDs to graphic)
  • Apex170’s output is 9W per sq ft  or 750 lumens per sq ft.

Both of these backlighting options, have some unique characteristics as noted above.  Each has specific benefits that fit particular situations and circumstances.  Click on the links below for each option’s specifications.