Spirit LED Showcase Lighting

We have for the last 12 years been creating LED Lighting System solutions for showcases in all product categories. Initially we focused on being able to change out antiquated PL-13 fluorescent units with our LED Diamond Lite Retrofit solution requiring no carpentry or electrical work.

The LED Diamond Lite was followed by the creation of a variety of LED Linear Light Strip (DCL) products that were installed in various showcases featuring a wide array of products from jewelry to guns. With the latest in LED lighting technology, Spirit LED Showcase Lighting is superior to our competitors given our expert industry-leading efficiency, beautiful color and Made in USA quality.

Linear Light Strip Comparison


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Spirit LED Retail Case Lightingspirit-led-display-case-light-perfect-colorPerfect Color and Brilliance

spirit-led-display-case-light-premium-sparklePremium Sparkle

spirit-led-display-case-lighteasy-installEasy to Install

spirit-led-display-case-light-made-in-usaDesigned and Made in USA