Refrigeration and Food Service LED Lighting

Spirit LED REFRIGERATION and Food Service LightingSpirit LED provides highest quality refrigeration and food service LED Lighting.

Our team at Spirit LED has a primary focus on Custom Turn-Key LED solutions. We focus on the needs of the customer and deliver a product that fits the specific needs of the environment and application. Our Innovative solutions integrate advanced solid-state technology.

Spirit LED has a dedicated research, development and engineering team. Our customers expect industry leading performance, reliability, and flexibility in which we always deliver. Through our balance of innovation and simplicity with the option of customization we will meet all of our customers’ requirements and specifications. Our approach to LED lighting is and always has been unlike that found in traditional lighting companies.

Spirit LED designs and manufactures in the USA.

Open Refrigerated Case Horizontal Lighting

Key Spirit Advantages and Product Differentiators

  • With over 500,000 4’ sections of LED refrigerated case sections installed and still in operation. Spirit International has been and continues to be the preferred horizontal refrigerated case LED lighting provider to the world’s top retailers since 2017.
  • With our current generation of product our solution is at least 2 generations ahead of all known LED based refrigerated case lighting systems.
    • Highest system efficacy.
    • Highest color rendering.
    • Highest R9 value (Red) rendering that enhances color, extends the shelf life, and minimizes the discoloration of red meats.
    • Uses less power. Less power means less heat and optimized cooling efficiency. Our LED based lighting system is 28% more efficient than our closest competitor.
    • Optimized system light output and color temperature that reduces unwanted glare on packaging and does not over light or under light the refrigerated case cavity.
    • Specialized optics contain the light within the refrigerated case cavity. The optics direct the light where it is need most, on the product.
    • Backed by an industry leading warranty.
  • Many competitors’ products require 2 canopy lights per 4’ system to achieve the optimized light output from the top of the refrigerated case canopy structure to effectively illuminate the case contents. The Spirit canopy lighting solution only requires 1 canopy light vs the competitors which have 2 canopy lights.