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Spirit LED Edge Lit LightboxesOur team at Spirit LED has a primary focus on Custom Turn-Key LED Solutions. We focus on the needs of the customer and deliver a product that fits the specific needs of the environment and application. Our Innovative solutions integrate advanced solid-state technology.

Spirit LED has a dedicated research, development and engineering team. Our customers expect industry leading performance, reliability, and flexibility in which we always deliver. Through our balance of innovation and simplicity with the option of customization we will meet all of our customers’ requirements and specifications. Our approach to LED lighting is and always has been unlike that found in traditional lighting companies.

Made in the USA


Retail LED Lighting – Custom Turn-Key LED Solutions

Spirit LED Retail Case LightingIn the retail space, we understand that the design, layout, atmosphere and merchandising displays are all critical ingredients to a great customer experience and increased sales. With the various Divisions of the Spirit International Companies, we have been able to capture the entire atmosphere and help create the experience from start to finish.
Spirit LED Retail Lighting

Spirit LED has the ability to create design renders in order to conceptually bring creative ideas to reality.

Spirit LED REFRIGERATION and Food Service LightingRefrigeration and Food Service LED Lighting

Spirit LED specializes in the highest quality Open Air Refrigeration LED Lighting. Our State of the Art Open Air Refrigeration LED Lighting Systems are featured in some of the world’s leading grocery retailers, such as Wal-Mart’s meat, produce and food service cases. They are the standard by which all other Open Air Refrigeration LED Lighting Systems are measured in the food service industry.
Refrigeration and Food Service LED Lighting

Spirit LED Outdoor LED LightingOutdoor LED Lighting

Spirit LED provides the highest quality Outdoor LED Lighting featuring aircraft-grade aluminum housing and top level acrylic optic lenses with anti-yellowing and UV protection.

Our Outdoor Garden Center LED Lighting System is second to none in the industry allowing for maximum protection against water penetration while creating the visual impression of an “Oasis of Light”.
Outdoor LED Lighting

LED Signage


We manufacture LED Edge Lit Low Profile signage, LED Panel lights, Large LED Back Lit signs for advertising, branding and identifying featured product.

As with all of our LED lighting products, we custom manufacture our LED Light Boxes to our customers’ needs and specifications.
LED Signage

Showcase LED Lighting

We have for the last 12 years been creating LED Lighting System solutions for showcases in all product categories. Initially we focused on being able to change out antiquated PL-13 fluorescent units with our LED Diamond Lite Retrofit solution requiring no carpentry or electrical work.

The LED Diamond Lite was followed by the creation of a variety of LED Linear Light Strip products that were installed in a various showcases featuring a wide array of products from jewelry to guns.

Spirit LED Showcase Lighting achieves substantial reductions in energy and lower maintenance costs while creating dramatic sales increases due to the premium light quality and “sparkle” enhancing the visual appeal of the product.
Showcase LED Lighting

Manufacturing and Testing

Spirit LED ManufacturingSpirit LED manufactures a wide array of LED Lighting products, supported by our long-term partnerships with the world’s leading LED manufacturers.

Our primary focus being on quality and efficiency, we engineer our products in-house to the last detail, including our LED printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic drivers, software, mechanical housings, and custom optical designs.

Our products go through a rigorous in house and third party product test and qualification. Reliability of our products is what creates the Spirit LED brand. With control over our manufacturing and testing, we can ensure we will deliver a quality, lasting product.
Spirit LED Manufacturing


Most of our retail products carry the following certifications:

Design and Manufactured in USA

Spirit LED Product Certifications